Virgin Shopfitting

The renovated and partially refitted Virgin shop at Liszt Ferenc Airport shows its new face to the travelling and shopping visitors. The new interior design and the specially developed unique furniture make the result more attractive.

Taking into account the local conditions, a modern business minded shop has been developed. The shelves and category gondola signs have been equipped with LED lighting to help customer orientation and provide information. Product-specific storage units were integrated in the new customer counter to allow for the presentation of a wide range of products. The different materials – wood, metal, plexi, acrylic and glass – used in the new shop equipment create a harmonic atmosphere in the refurbished shop.

Project details


  • Budapest, Liszt Ferenc National Airport

Type of shop equipment:

  • Standalone modular shopfitting system (regals)
  • Wall-mounted shelving system
  • Product-specific plywood, wooden and glass shelves
  • Slatwalls
  • Modular free-standing units (gondolas)
  • Standalone product displays
  • Landing tables
  • Book pyramid

Product placement requirements:

  • newspapers, books, toys, gifts, drinks, sweets, electronic devices, clothing, hungaricums

Our services:

  • Assessment of the existing store
  • Preparing layout structure plans
  • Preparing 3D visual plans
  • Design and manufacturing of new product display units
  • Re-design of existing product displays
  • Installation of LED lighting into existing shelves
  • Design and manufacturing of a new, custom-made curved customer counter with illuminated acrylic storage units and built-in LED lighting.
  • Design and manufacturing of display cases for impulse goods
  • Design and manufacturing of a curved display for tobacco products
  • Design and manufacturing of slat wraps for columns
  • Manufacturing of newspaper shelves
  • Manufacturing of book shelves
  • Manufacturing of a book pyramid
  • Manufacturing of landing tables
  • Manufacturing of glass shelves
  • Design and manufacturing of edge-lit category gondola signs
  • On-site installation of the shop equipments