RELAY Shopfitting


In recent years we delivered furniture to numerous Relay stores located at underpasses, railway stations and airport of Budapest, renovated existing furniture or modernized shops under the new Relay Today concept.

Such furniture, mainly made of metal parts and exposed to heavy duty use, are suitable for displaying a wide range of products in a small space and boost their sales. During the renovation work we also implemented LED lights for the furniture.

Relay shops designed under the new concept can be described with a modern look, light-colored materials, modular wall-mounted racks (stand-alone system), free-standing units, book pyramids, and built-in lighting. Wall mounted racks and free-standing gondolas provide numerous opportunities for efficient display and storage of the ever-changing product range; the back panel of the wall-mounted racks and free-standing units is made of wood, metal, perforated plywood, or slatwall panel depending on the type of products to be displayed. The shelving for wall racks and gondolas can be variously and flexibly shaped, easily rearranged and modified. Single and multi-storey shelves, straight and sloping shelves, plywood, wood and glass shelves, hooks, hangers, plexiglass storage elements ensure product-specific and ergonomic product placement.

Project details


  • Relay Klinikák
  • Relay Pöttyös Street
  • Relay Mexikói Road
  • Relay Ecseri Road
  • Relay Nagyvárad Square
  • Relay Határ Road
  • Relay Batthyány Square
  • Relay Csepel
  • Relay Pécs Volán
  • Relay Győr Volán
  • Relay Boráros Square
  • Relay Népliget
  • Relay Örs Vezér Square
  • Relay Kecskemét Malom Kiosk
  • Relay 2A Terminal Ferenc Liszt International Airport
  • Relay 2B Terminal Ferenc Liszt International Airport
  • Relay Ferenc Boulevard
  • Relay FC KÖKI Terminal
  • RelayToday Békásmegyer
  • RelayToday Nagyvárad Square
  • RelayToday Pöttyös Street
  • RelayToday Ecseri Road
  • RelayToday Batthyány Square
  • RelayToday Stadionok
  • RelayToday Dózsa György Road
  • RelayToday Arany János Street
  • RelayToday Szentlélek Square
  • RelayToday Újpest
  • RelayToday Franciscans' Square
  • RelayToday Ferenc Boulevard
  • RelayToday Westend
  • RelayToday Deák Square
  • RelayToday Nyugati Railway Station
  • RelayToday Szeged Volán
  • RelayToday Árpád Bridge
  • RelayToday Lehel Square
  • RelayToday Déli Railway Station
  • RelayToday Népliget
  • RelayToday Széll Kálmán Square
  • RelayToday Nyugati Sailway Station Pavilion
  • RelayToday Érd
  • RelayToday Békéscsaba
  • Redshop Szombathely (RelayToday)

Type of shop equipment:

  • Standalone modular shopfitting system
  • Wooden, metal and glass shelves
  • Custom modular wooden and metal customer counter system
  • Free-standing units

Product placement requirements:

  • Newspaper, books, toys, souvenirs, sweets, beverages, impulse goods

Our services:

  • Floor concept plan design
  • Design of a modular shop system
  • Design of custom furniture and equipments
  • Design of built-in lighting
  • Continuous development of the shopfitting system, design and development of product-specific shelves and storage units
  • Preparing production plans
  • Manufacturing of shop equipments (wood, metal, glass, plexi, lighting)
  • Delivery and on-site installation of shop equipments