Creating a new business concept for the popular Princess Bakery, fully redesigning and expanding it is the result of a complex design and development process that has been implemented in close collaboration with the owners and management.

The mission was to create a unique, youthful, modern, dynamic and functional shop system that increases brand popularity, thanks to the materials used and the unique interior design solutions that make it stand out from its competitors’ stores and contribute to increase in sales.

Project details


  • Princess Batthyány Square underpass
  • Princess Széll Kálmán Square
  • Princess KÖKI 2
  • Princess Örs Vezér Square metro station
  • Princess Arany János Street underpass
  • Princess Blaha Lujza Square underpass

Product placement requirements:

  • Fresh bakery products, beverages, chilled and heated foods, changing product range

Our services:

  • Brand identity design
  • Floor concept plan design
  • Shopfitting system design
  • Design of custom furniture and equipments
  • Design of coverings
  • Lighting design
  • Design of advertising signs
  • Preparing production plans
  • Manufacturing of shop equipments (wood, metal, glass, plexi, lighting, advertising elements, etc.), delivery, installation (in case of Princess Batthyány Square)