Montre Shopfitting

Mainly specialized in watch repair, the Montre chain store uses furniture with clean lines and high quality, modern design and exclusive LED lights. The majority of them are located in shopping centres. The furniture in several kiosk stores was made using acrylic technology.

Project details


  • France
  • Benelux Union

Type of shop equipment:

  • Custom shopfitting of kiosk stores
  • Modular furniture

Service and retail requirements:

  • Special furniture and equipments needed for providing services
  • Retail of watches and watch straps

Our services:

  • Shop system design and development
  • Design of modular furniture and equipments
  • Preparing 3D visual plans
  • Design of shop furnishings in accordance with brand identity (furniture, equipments, advertising signs)
  • Design and realization of partial or complete furnishing of shops
  • Continuous product development, design of custom furniture
  • Preparing production plans
  • Manufacturing of shop equipments (wood, metal, glass, plexi, acrylic, etc.)
  • Delivery of shop equipments
  • Development and manufacturing of advertising signs and other communication tools