Mister Minit Kiosk Store

Customized kiosk stores offer a new perspective to the Mister Minit chain of instant services and product sales, allowing them to be located in the busy transport corridors of shopping malls, in all directions and within easy reach.

Outstanding design, maximum harmony of form and functionality describes Mister Minit kiosk stores the best.

The unique furnishing of the kiosks provides a safe working space required for service delivery, maximum utilization of space and storage capacity, ergonomic placement of machines and equipments, ergonomic way of working, customer convenience, prompt customer information and service.
The surface of the furniture has an acrylic cover which is fitted with advertising signs with recessed LED lighting. The ergonomic and safe placement of the machines and equipments and their ease of use are ensured by furniture with door, drawer, horizontal and vertical shutters that can be used from the inside of the kiosk.

Project details


  • France

Type of shop equipment:

  • Custom modular system

Service and retail requirements:

  • Immediate services (shoe repair, key cutting, engraving, photography services, clock and watch repair)
  • Retail of shoe care products, watch straps and souvenirs

Our services:

  • Design of modular furniture and equipments
  • Preparing 3D visual plans
  • Preparing production plans
  • Manufacturing of shop equipments (wood, metal, glass, plexi)
  • Design and manufacturing of glass display cabinets with custom LED lighting
  • Delivery of shop equipments
  • Design, development and manufacturing of advertising signs and other communication devices
  • Preparing assembly documentation
  • Logistics management