INMEDIO Shopfitting

In Inmedio newspaper stores we were responsible for the development of the existing shopfitting system that matches the brand identity concept, and the manufacture of supplementary furniture enabling the expansion of the product range by setting up consumer electronics corners, book corners, food corners, toy corners and lottery corners.

Project details


  • Inmedio Budapest Hegyvidék
  • Inmedio Budapest Alle
  • Inmedio Budapest MOM park
  • Inmedio Kaposvár
  • Inmedio Szombathely
  • Inmedio furnishing: Sopron Széchenyi Square, Pécs Árkád, Pólus Center, Miskolc Szinva park
  • Inmedio refurbishing: Székesfehérvár
  • Inmedio furnishing and installation of a unique customer counter Dunakeszi and Campona
  • Inmedio Szekszárd Tesco
  • Inmedio Hódmezővásárhely Tesco
  • Inmedio Kecskemét
  • Inmedio Szerencs
  • Inmedio Pólus 2
  • Inmedio Keszthely Tesco
  • Inmedio Miskolc Auchan
  • Inmedio Dunaföldvár
  • Inmedio Romania, Bukarest
  • New Inmedio Mosonmagyaróvár
  • New Inmedio Békés
  • New Inmedio Sárospatak
  • New Inmedio Győr Shopping Mall
  • New Inmedio Szentes
  • New Inmedio Zalaegerszeg Hospital
  • New Inmedio Debrecen Fórum Shopping Centre
  • New Inmedio Győr Árkád

Type of shop equipment:

  • Standalone modular shopfitting system
  • Wooden, metal and glass shelves
  • Custom modular wooden and metal customer counter system
  • Free-standing units

Product placement requirements:

  • Newspaper, books, CDs, DVDs, toys, souvenirs, sweets, beverages, impulse goods
  • Lottery

Our services:

  • Floor layout plan design
  • Design of custom furniture and equipments
  • Continuous development of the shopfitting system, design and development of product-specific shelves and storage units
  • Preparing production plans
  • Manufacturing of shop equipments (wood, metal, glass, plexi, lighting)
  • Delivery and on-site installation of shop equipments