1MINUTE Shopfitting

The Hungarian stores of the 1Minute chain sell newspapers, books, electronic items, souvenirs, coffee, sweets, fresh confectionary and drinks.

Display and merchandising of the new product range was realized through the design and development of brand-specific and product-specific shop equipments made from high-quality and unique materials that are customized to match brand identity.

Project details


  • 1Minute Budapest Népliget
  • 1Minute Budapest Karinthy Street
  • 1Minute Soroksár
  • 1Minute Eger
  • 1Minute Szeged MÁV
  • 1Minute Pécs

Type of shop equipment:

  • Standalone modular shopfitting system
  • Wooden, metal and glass shelves
  • Custom modular wooden and metal customer counter system
  • Free-standing units

Product placement requirements:

  • Newspaper, books, toys, souvenirs, sweets, beverages, impulse goods
  • Coffee, bakery products, hot and cold meals

Our services:

  • Floor concept plan design
  • Design of a modular shop system
  • Design of custom furniture and equipments
  • Design of built-in lighting
  • Continuous development of the shopfitting system, design and development of product-specific shelves and storage units
  • Preparing production plans
  • Manufacturing of shop equipments (wood, metal, glass, plexi, lighting)
  • Delivery and on-site installation of shop equipments