Tables / Racks

Landing tables, free-standing units, pyramids and produduct displays play a prominent role in furnishing retail shop units. The tables, the table combinations and the pyramids with several levels capture the attention of customers and may attract new customers to the store.

By using free-standing units and landing tables, you can easily change the appearance of your shop, keep it up-to-date and make the zones near the entrance interesting and inviting.

With the help of landing tables, we can spectacularly furnish areas near the entrance and provide a decompression zone for customers, to slow them, make them stop for a moment and think. Placing landing tables and gondolas near the entrance, sales can be significantly increased The furniture provides a good placement for the new products, and can be used to sell promotional products or to display seasonal products or even the main product range.

The structure of the Tables and Pyramids can be made of metal, wood, glass materials or several combinations of these materials. We developed these elements in close collaboration with our customers to meet the sales targets of their special products. The modular system constructed from tables of different sizes can be flexibly combined and changed as well as moved easily.

Should you need more information about shopfitting systems or you would like to request a price offer for design and realization, or you are in need of advice, please do not hesitate to contact us.