Standalone Shopfitting Systems

Our standalone shopfitting systems are multifunctional, modular systems, with the help of which almost any type of shop system can be created.

We manufacture racks with visible metal columns or systems with hidden columns (in this case the metal columns only show a narrow 5 mm perforation strip where the shelves are hung).

The modularity and versatility of the standalone system allows for designing shops with unique appearance. Various materials, colours, interchangeable rear panels, crowns, shelves and various storage elements ensure effective product placement, optimum space utilization and versatile storage.

The system has been designed to allow for its expansion and change, to make easy adjustments to the shop’s equipment, to change the products’ range thus helping to keep your shop up-to-date, to make your customers’ orientation easier, to optimize your product placement, to enhance the shopping experience and to contribute to the increase in sales.

The standalone shopfitting rack systems (regals) consist of: perforated, welded L columns (legs), rear connecting elements, back wall panels, base panels, plinth covers, and optional crown elements. Plinth covers, wooden or metal base panels, and the various crowns give an elegant appearance; crowns allow uninterrupted placement of communication elements and the installation of advanced LED lighting.

The different back wall panels made of wooden-, laminated-, slatwall-, metal-, perforated metal solutions and the various shelves, hooks and product holders can be adapted to the product range and can be easily expanded subsequently at any time. The colours of the system components and the materials of back wall panels, side panels, base panels and crowns can be adapted to the corporate identity of the shop therefore contributing to a totally unique appearance. We continuously expand and develop our system in order to completely satisfy the possible needs of our customers. The product placement solutions that help to present and sell special products were developed in close cooperation with our customers.

The modularity of the system allows for different shelving and product placement solutions per module and within each module. We suggest ergonomic product placement solutions with different depth, -height, -inclination for an efficient product range presentation, an optimal product range transparency, an easy availability of products and an optimal merchandising.

There are numerous options for shelving and design: at the bottom of the regals, storage units with doors or drawers can be installed on demand. There are variuos accessories for the system: 2, 3 or 5 storey newsstands, book shelves of various depths and angles, straight and sloping shelves, tilted shelves, wood, metal and glass shelves, hooks, hook holders, wire baskets, clothes hangers, etc. We are ready to develop and manufacture additional wood, metal, plexiglass, glass and wire accessories for our systems.

The elements of the stand-alone shopfitting system can also be used to set up a versatile partition wall.

We can enhance the individual atmosphere and highlight some products or product groups by adding local LED lighting to wooden-, metal- or glass shelves and/or crowns thereby contributing to increased sales results.
The shelves can be equipped with dispensers, price label holders and stop signs. Thanks to the versatility of the system, it is ideally suited for the fitting of newsagent’s shops, bookstores, tobacco shops, gift shops, travelling accessories, electronics stores, sports equipments, clothing stores, gas stations, chemical stores and other merchandise stores. It is particularly recommended in stores where wall systems is not possible due to the reduced load capacity of the walls.

Should you need more information about shopfitting systems or you would like to request a price offer for design and realization, or you are in need of advice, please do not hesitate to contact us.