When designing a customer counter, it is particularly important to design and manufacture every single detail to meet the needs of the particular company, it should deliver the maximum both aesthetically and functionally.

The appearance of the customer counter (cash desk zone) should reflect the characteristics of the brand and product groups, uniqueness, it should ensure salesperson comfort, quick work, effectively informing customers, ensure their convenience and quick payment. When designing the counter, the sales process and the optimal placement of the necessary machinery and equipments (printer, monitor, cashier machine, mobile payment devices, packaging materials, etc.) must be carefully planned.

In our product range there aren’t any “canned” counter solutions, we always design counters to meet the needs of our customers.

During the design process of the counter, we take into consideration the shopping and payment habits of the customers, and make sure that they are well informed, entertained and their attention is grabbed.

In case of chain stores, setting up a modular counter system can be a great solution which can be easily adapted to local conditions, easily modified and rearranged in case of moving.

With additional products and impulse goods on display stands near the cash desk or as an integral part of the cash desk, sales can be further increased.

Should you need more information about our services or products, or you would like to request a price offer for design and realization, or you need a piece of advice, please do not hesitate to contact us.