Üzletberendezés forgalmazás

In addition to our own designed and developed systems, we also offer unique Italian and German shopfitting systems.

It is key to choose a system that suits your sales goals, brand characteristics, product range, load requirements, local conditions and customer needs.

During the design process, we work together with our clients in considering all possibilities offered by each system and we choose the shopfitting system or systems that best support their goals.

The shopfitting system provides a stable foundation or “background” that provides flexibility, changeability, mobility, quick installation, expandability, complemented with elements (coverings) made by us, “dressed”, thus making your shop equipments unique and unforgettable.

Shopfitting Retail

An excellent shopfitting system focuses on meeting customer needs, product usability and possibilities of usage, whilst keeping the system itself almost invisible.

Thanks to product development of the past few years, the structural design of some of our shopfitting systems makes lighting of the products and hidden placement of connectors and electrical wires possible.

Our modular systems flexibly adapt to changing customer needs and range of products as they are easy to rearrange, expand, refurbish, and they are cost-effective as well.

Whatever your need, idea or vision is, or you need our assistance in choosing a shopfitting system that best fits your goals, feel free to contact us right from the start.