Shopfitting Design

The designing process begins with identifying your sales goals and then together we specify key analytical and planning steps.

We explore market opportunities, current trends, customer needs and shopping habits.

After analyzing your needs, in knowledge of the site conditions and sales objectives, we propose a shopfitting system (or systems) best suited to your sales objectives. We examine possible floor layout options, analyze the advantages and disadvantages of each alternative, plan the transportation routes and the entire purchase process. We create concept plans, floor layout plans and plan product grouping options and positioning of product groups, custom furniture, fixtures, and accessories. We also suggest options for expansion and redesign to help your shop equipments flexibly adapt to the needs of customers, business owners and salesman in the long term.

If needed, we create 3D concept plans, visual plans and wall view plans in several phases of the design process.

When designing and developing furniture, shop equipments, shelving systems and accessories, we pay special attention to uniqueness, functionality, innovative and cost-effective technical solutions, sustainability and easy re-design.

Shopfitting Design

It is important that the shopfitting system, the custom furniture and fittings, the shop window equipments, the colors used, the materials, technical solutions, lighting, the designed communication equipments and advertising signs are all consistent with each other and the brand, and actively contribute to visual merchandising and therefore to achieving your sales goals.

We are also happy to design and manufacture wooden, metal and upholstered furniture, glass and plexiglass equipments, glass display cabinets, illuminated furniture, advertising signs, unique product displays (or adapt them to your existing shopfitting system). We make product plans for the custom furniture and equipments, analyze the value for money of each technical implementation option, and after manufacturing a prototype, we test and optimize our products.

For our clients with a chain of stores or a franchise network, we undertake the design of a modular shopfitting system that meets their needs to the maximum extent, create floor layout plan templates, design product catalog, create production plans, cost-effective realization plans, provide continuous product development (and follow-up) and the realization of the system.