Projekt menedzsment

For more than 13 years we have been contributing to successful shopfitting projects in Hungary and in several European countries.

In our experience, the realization of a shopfitting project is different from the implementation of a traditional interior design project in many ways.

Time is usually the most critical factor, since these projects require very quick decisions, coordinated production and execution, creativity and flexibility. Effective communication between project participants is also an essential factor.

Projekt menedzsment

It is important that we develop potential action plans, identify risk factors and feasibility early on in the planning process to ensure the success of your shopfitting project, therefore avoiding errors and unnecessary extra costs.

The choice of raw materials, proposed furniture systems, unique furniture and accessories, the precision and flexibility of the furniture design, chosen technical solutions, companies and people working together in the production process, the assembly of the components and the conscious planning of packaging all contribute to success.

We carefully plan and implement safe packaging of the products based on their quantity and delivery needs. We organize the safe and cost-effective transportation of the products and, if necessary, arrange their customs clearance as well.