Merchandising means sales promotion at the location of sale activities, triggering positive organoleptic stimuli that contribute to attracting customers, providing a sense of well-being, delivering a fantastic shopping experience, and thus increasing sales.

Visual merchandising is a means of sales stimulation that incorporates all the visual stimuli that affect the buyer and influence their behavior, emotions and decisions.

Consumer habits have significantly changed in the last few years. Due to increasing competition and the expansion of e-commerce, it is no longer enough to create a nice shop interior and offer high-quality products, and not enough to “only” sell value to the customers.

The key difference between online (e-commerce) and offline (in-store) shopping lies in the shopping experience and gaining experience.

For customers, it is possible only in physical stores to gain experience, to seek advice, to touch, to try, to try out the chosen products and thereby reduce the risks of purchase.

You need to take full advantage of this and help customers gain experience. Marketing stimuli must be consciously planned to ensure that customers are captivated, and the entire shopping process is made exciting and memorable.

With comprehensive design, we can ensure that the shopfitting system, the custom furniture and fittings, the shop window equipments, the colors used, the materials, technical solutions, lighting, the planned communication equipments and advertising signs are all consistent with each other and the brand, and actively contribute to visual merchandising, therefore to achieve customer satisfaction and customer engagement.

Our creative and innovative shopfitting solutions allow you to move and rearrange furniture and equipments and create dynamic, live interiors where returning customers are welcome in an environment that is adapted to constantly refreshing and changing product range.